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Why there are wines and china baijiu under LeeDaHang?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

In year 2018, UNIMEX.ORG LIMITED was set up, which is a platform for global maritime partnership and a non-profit organisation. Please learn more by visiting its website

In year 2019 LEE DA HANG PTE LTD was set up as the 1st pioneering business partner for UNIMEX. Its mission is to support UNIMEX financially and in the meantime to add membership benefits by providing best selected chinese alcohol and world famous wines and whisky for UNIMEX members.

So far there are two types of chinese alcohol for UNIMEX members ie. TaiZhiDao*Haijiu ( 泰之道*嗨酒)and LeeDaHang*Haijiu (立达行*嗨酒)and both are maotai flavour liquor (酱香白酒)from maotaizhen, Guizhou, China.

In year 2020, there will be wines from California USA, wine from Croatia, wine from France and wine from other countries.


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