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1. Participation creates values

The stakeholders of LEEDAHANG consist of maritime alumni of different maritime universities, who are committed to supporting UNIMEX.ORG financially with the return of LEEDAHANG sustainability.
LEEDAHANG is committed to its members with premium quality liquors at the most affordable price
UNIMEX members are most welcome to join LEEDAHANG as shareholders or simply investors.


2. CSR – Corporate social responsibility

Being a giver to benefit others and thereafter benefit oneself as well
None of the investors of LEEDAHANG takes this alcohol business as its only business for a living. Instead, investors are volunteers in sponsoring UNIMEX at their best.

3. Part-time but full accountability

Most of the employees and management team members are on a part-time basis but with full accountability. A new way of employment and management are in the process to be set up and for improvement for new business in the coming years.

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