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LeeDaHang*Haijiu and its description

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

LeeDaHang•Haijiu is a type of distilled liquor from Maotai Town of China.

The liquor is made of sorghum, wheat and water from the River of Chishui.

It take about 5 years to make the liquor. Its process is a bit complicated, beginning with

making wheat as yeast, starter for making liquor, followed by 7-9 times of mixing with sorghum, piling-up, fermentation, cellaring, distillation and liquor acquisition. Before its final release, it is the liquor master who will determine how to blend the 7 rounds of liquor

with different taste being sweet, sour, bitter or spicy, and carrying different degree of alcohol. With that, it guarantees to achieve much balanced and much desired long lasting fragrance and lingering after-taste.

LeeDaHang•Haijiu is green food made of pure grains, suitable as gifts for adults at home or parties outside.

You must be 18 years old & above to buy the product.

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