Lee Da Hang Pte ltd (新加坡立达行有限公司) was set up in 2019 in Singapore for liquor business and membership management closely associated with Unimex.org limited, Singapore ( 环球海事精英平台) which is a non-profit organization for maritime alumni worldwide.


LeeDaHang is collaborating with distillery of chinese baijiu (中国白酒), wines and whisky and many more other liquors in order to provide maritime alumni and the public with premium quality liquors at most affordable wholesale price.


So far LeeDaHang has registered and developed more than ten brands of Chinese baijiu including TaiZhiDao • Haijiu (泰之道*嗨酒), LeeDaHang•Haijiu (立达行*嗨酒) and TaiZhiDao*Yanjiu (泰之道*宴酒) to cover the market of China and Singapore for now. A few more products will soon come to serve UNIMEX members and the public well. All Chinese baijiu are Maotai flavour distilled liquor from Maotai town of China.

Besides Chinese baijiu, LeeDaHang has also developed wines from USA, Spain, France and Italy which have already been serving the market of Singapore and China since October 2020. LeeDaHang will be launching products to other nations in the coming decades.


LeeDaHang is committed to be a well-known liquor brand to serve its customers, particularly UNIMEX members well both online and offline.

LeeDaHang is looking forward to serving more and more happy customers for pleasure drinking like you with more products for many years to come! What are you waiting for? Download LeeDaHangClub App now for an exceptional shopping experience.

With passionate maritime alumni as its majority stakeholders, LeeDaHang will grow together with UNIMEX ( WWW.UNIMEX.ORG) and support UNIMEX’s humble and noble course in many decades under a more healthy maritime ecosystem being cultivated worldwide.


Besides a dozens of LeeDaHang own trade mark registered for Chinese Baijiu,  Wines are mostly pre-labelled as UNIMEX to promote this gobal maritine networking village.


To serve customers well, LeeDaHang has imported TaiZhiDao*Sing Liquor ( 泰之道*星酒)and LeeDaHang*Haijiu (利达行嗨酒)to Singapore and hopefuly LeeDaHang will soon expand its business to the rest of countries.